Retailer Training

If your waitstaff and bartenders needs to know more about beer, this is what your looking for. With over 3 hours of video training on DVD, you'll get plenty of information to keep your staff motivated and you can rest assured knowing that your WHAT YOU GET When you order the Beer Conscious Training Program for distributors, you and your employees will gain invaluable knowledge on over 25 topics, including...  
  • Keeping, Serving and Properly Tasting Beer
We cover everything from draft system design and maintenance to off-flavor training to the serving and tasting of numerous beer styles and over a dozen more relevant issues that affect today’s wholesalers.
  • Ingredients and The Brewing Process
Four individual sections illustrating each of the main brewing ingredients and adjuncts as well as an in-depth section on how they are brewed together to make hundreds of beer styles.
  • Beer and Food Pairing
The most vital aspects of pairing, such as intensity, complementary flavors and contrasting flavors will be covered in detail, along with many other pairing concepts. Along with more than 7 hours of detailed training, (covering the above topics) you’ll get the accompanying powerpoint slides to review and our digital beer knowledge guide, which gives you great resources throughout the world of beer to explore when you aren’t watching the videos. PLUS, if you order a Distributor Package before April 30th, 2013, you’ll get the Siebel Institute Of Technology Sensory Training Kit (to help identify off-flavors). Your Options To Become Beer Conscious DVD SET If you would like to have unlimited viewing for all your current or new employees for years to come, then you’ll want the full DVD set. With this set, you can view all of the training sessions on any computer (with or without an internet connection) or on any TV with a DVD player. You’ll get a DVD set that includes 4 discs of information and over 6 hours of video content. You’ll get a physical copy of each DVD and CD, and when we release updates, your next set of discs will be free. Plus, when you order the training sessions on DVD, you’ll get the highest video quality possible and you’ll get unlimited access to the online training. When you purchase the DVD set, you’ll get an in-person 4 hour training session with our founder, Scott Kerkmans (He’ll fly to you) as well as an additional 3 hour webinar training session with Scott. When he comes to your location he’ll answer all your beer related questions and get them ready for their on or off-premise markets and the Cicerone Exam. Plus, you’ll have enough time to conduct off-flavor training sessions with a GABF judge and even discuss individual styles. ONLINE VIDEOS The other option to keep your staff trained is to purchase the more economical one or two year subscription of these great videos. To view the 13 Beer Conscious Training Sessions with this method, you’ll need to be on a computer with an internet connection, but otherwise you’ll get the same great content for either one or two years, it’s your choice. These options start at just $149 a month and allow you to view each video up to 15 times each month. If you purchase either of these options you’ll get two free 3-hour webinar training sessions (within year 1) with our founder, Scott Kerkmans. You can use these to review before your Cicerone Exam, go over off-flavor training with your included sensory kit (if you ordered one), or use this time to get your reps prepared for their individual markets. As always, we’ll discuss your needs and tailor the training to them.   Remember, if you buy any Distributor Training Package and become Beer Conscious before April 30st, 2013 you’ll get the Sensory Training Kit from The Siebel Institute and you’ll get an additional free 2-hour customized training session with our founder Scott Kerkmans. Want to pay by check. No problem. Just give us a call at 303-921-8363 and we'll arrange it.